Boys Varsity Tennis · Boys Tennis Regional IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Parents, Spectators, Coaches, and Players:

Please see the following reminders from Richmond High School concerning tonight’s Regional Tennis Championship.  Please abide by these policies to help ensure a smooth event tonight for our young men.

1. Entry for tonight’s event for spectators is $5.  This is being done by the IHSAA, not Richmond High School.

2. Masks must be worn by coaches at all times.
3. Masks must be worn by all athletes when they are not playing
4. Even though everyone outside, masks must be worn by spectators. At our courts it is difficult to Social Distance so masks become a very important safety protocol.
5. Spectators need to be sure they are cheering for their kids and not yelling at opposing players or banging on the fence. This is not acceptable and spectators will be asked to leave.
As always, Knightstown High School promotes sportsmanship and promoting positive behavior so our student-athletes can play the game they love.
Thank you for your understanding and support.