Girls Varsity Volleyball · Ticket Information/Schedule Panther VB Invite

The Lady Panther Volleyball Invite is scheduled for 9/19 at Knightstown High School.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, each team has only been allotted 30 vouchers, and those will be dispersed among the players families, so unfortunately there will be no game day ticket sales.  If you do not have one of the 30 vouchers given out, you will not be allowed to enter the facility on Saturday 9/19.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

The following is the schedule/pools for the day:

Black Division (West Court)

  1. Tri
  2. Monroe Central
  3. Randolph Southern

Red Division (East Court)

  1. Anderson Prep
  2. Knightstown
  3. Seton Catholic

Round Robin Play: Same assignments for each court

First team listed is home.

9:00 am               Team 1 vs Team 2

10:00 am             Team 1 vs Team 3

11:00 am             Team 2 vs Team 3


 12:00 pm             2nd Red vs 2nd Black                        East Court

3rd Black vs. 3rd Red                        West Court

ASAP:                    1st Black vs 1st Red                          First Court to Open

Please remember all times are approximate!! We will move the tournament as quickly as possible.  Please have players and judges available where appropriate.

Finals will begin once one court is open.  If both courts are ahead of schedule, finals will be started earlier!

COVID Information

1) We ask that all spectators, players and coaches (when not in a match) please wear a mask and social distance when available.

3) The cafeteria will NOT be open for team meal areas this year.

4)  No voucher=no entrance into the tournament.

5) We will have separate sections for each team’s fans, we ask that you please sit with your respective fans to help keep social distancing.