Coed Middle School Track · Info – JH Union County Track Invite

Union County Middle School

Track & Field Invitational

Friday, April 12, 2019

 Schools:           Blue River Valley, Franklin County, Knightstown, Northeastern, Randolph Southern, Union City, Union County

Scoring:           Six (6) places for individual and relay scoring – 10-8-6-4-2-1


Team trophy for the boys and girls team champion.

Medals and ribbons for 1st place.  Ribbons for 2nd through 6th places.

MVP medal for the most valuable boy and girl.


Order of Events:         5:30     Field Events                Girls 1st in High Jump & Shot Put

Boys 1st in Discus

Boys and Girls Long Jump – Open pit for 90 minutes

6:00     Running Events

Girls 100m hurdles                              Boys 110m hurdles

Girls 100m                                             Boys 100m

Girls 4x200m relay                              Boys 4x200m relay

Girls 1600m                                           Boys 1600m

Girls 4x100m relay                               Boys 4x100m relay

Girls 400m                                             Boys 400m

Girls 800m                                             Boys 800m

Girls 200m                                             Boys 200m

Girls 4x400m relay                              Boys 4x400m relay

Shot Put Relay