Boys Middle School Basketball · Info – JH Boys Basketball Jamboree


Thursday, November 8, 2018      @6:00

Admission $5.00

****High School Gymnasium: 8th Grade Teams

8th Grade Schedule                                        Home                          Visitors

1st Quarter                                                       Tri                                Monroe Central

2nd Quarter                                                      New Castle                  Monroe Central

3rd Quarter                                                      New Castle                  Knightstown

4th Quarter                                                      Hagerstown                 Knightstown

5th Quarter                                                      Tri                                Hagerstown


****Elementary Gymnasium: 7th Grade Teams

7th Grade Schedule                                        Home                          Visitors

1st Quarter                                                      Tri                                Knightstown

2nd Quarter                                                      Hagerstown                 Knightstown

3rd Quarter                                                      Hagerstown                 Monroe Central

4th Quarter                                                      New Castle                  Monroe central

5th Quarter                                                      Tri                                New Castle


We will play 8 minute quarters.    Locker rooms will be shared with other teams. Please secure all valuables. Each team will have one time out per quarter. Warm-up periods will be 4 minutes between each quarter. Foul shots will only be given for fouls committed during the act of shooting. All other fouls will be ball out of bounds