Girls Varsity Volleyball · Info – Lady Panther VB Invite (9/15)

Location:                              Knightstown High School Gymnasium (2 courts)

Starting Times:                  8:30 am — Coaches’ Meeting (Library)

8:40 am — Warm ups begin

9:00 am — Matches begin on two courts

Teams will be placed in a four team pool.  Each pool will play a round-robin competition to establish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in each pool.  Final competition will pair 4th place pool finishers, 3rd place pool finishers, etc.  The first place pool finishers will be competing for the tournament championship.  Each team will be guaranteed four matches on the tournament day.

Each match will be played the best two out of three games.  Rally scoring will be used.  Games will be played to 25 points, win by 2 points, and no cap. Third set is to 15, win by 2.

Shower and locker room facilities will be limited, but available if desired.  Teams should bring their own locks and towels.

Cost of tournament: $6 for the day. NO KNIGHTSTOWN SPORTS PASSES ACCEPTED

Concessions will be available.  Team Coolers will be allowed in the Cafeteria ONLY

Awards:                               Championship Trophy

All teams will be on the floor for practice at the same time regardless of which court opens up first.  This keeps both courts on a better schedule during the day.  We will keep the tournament moving as quickly as possible.  Please have line judges available for their assignments. 

The first time you play, both teams will be allowed 7 ½ minute warm-up with the use of net (visiting team first).  Anytime you play in the tournament thereafter, each team will be on the net for five minutes (visiting team first).  You do have the right to refuse warm-up if playing back to back games.

Please check the following information and be prepared to furnish line judges when so assigned. Line judge assignments are listed with the pairing information.

Black Division (West Court)                                        Red Division  (East Court)

  1. Math & Science                                                         Randolph Southern
  2. Monroe Central                                                        Knightstown
  3. Milan                                                                          Northeastern
  4. Seton Catholic                                                          Anderson Prep

Round Robin Play: Same assignments for each court

First team listed is home.

Furnish 2 line judges for the opposite court.

9:00 am               Team 1 vs Team 2                            line judges – Team 4

10:00 am              Team 3 vs Team 4                            line judges – Team 1

11:00 am              Team 1 vs Team 3                            line judges – Team 2

12:00 am              Team 2 vs Team 4                            line judges – Team 3

1:00 pm                Team 4 vs Team 1                            line judges – Team 2

2:00 pm                Team 2 vs Team 3                            line judges – Team 1


 3:00 pm                4th Red vs. 4th Black                          East Court

3rd Black vs. 3rd Red                         West Court

Line Judges: 1 from each of the 1st and 2nd place teams in pool play.

4:00 pm                2nd Red vs. 2nd Black                         East Court

1st Black vs 1st Red                            West Court

Line Judges: 1 from each of the 3rd and 4th place teams in pool play.


Please remember all times are approximate!! We will move the tournament as quickly as possible.  Please have players and judges available where appropriate.

Finals will begin as close to 4:00 pm as possible.  If both courts are ahead of schedule, finals will be started earlier!