Boys Varsity Soccer · Knightstown High School Boys Varsity Soccer falls to Seton Catholic High School 4-0

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5:00 PM

Seton Catholic High School

Knightstown High School

Game Recap

Knightstown fell to a very skilled Seton Catholic 4-0 after a hard fought game on Senior Night. All four seniors had several great plays, one being a great ball sent in by Jordan Richardson for a near assist. Kaleb Buchanan ran down several Seton Catholic forwards to end several goal scoring opportunities for SC. Marcus Manlove did a great job staying central on defense shutting down several offensive plays. And per-the-norm Burias Wisner stuffed several great shots by SC. Burias has been a huge asset to Knightstown who has been barraged by over 200 shots on goal this season. Tonight the number of shots taken at Knightstown was GREATLY reduced thanks to a much better performance by the midfield and defense as a whole. Offensively Josiah Moore had two great shots with 1 nearly finding the back of the net. Ben Sander had an excellent performance starting at forward for the Panthers. He created several offensive attacks and pressed SC’s defense making offensive transitions more difficult for them. The whole team worked as a unit for the first time this season as they have finally found their groove and learned how to play as an entire field of 11. Despite a deceiving 4-0 loss, Knightstown has finally begun to display their abilities. The squad still has further potential, that is anticipated to be released at Morristown next Tuesday.

Box Scores

Seton Catholic