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Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Info – Girls Tennis Sectionals


New Castle High School

Wednesday, May 17 4:30pm – Blue River vs New Castle

Thursday, May 18 4:30pm – Tri vs Knightstown

Thursday, May 18 6:00pm – Winner of BRV/NC vs Shenandoah

Friday, May 19 4:30pm – Championship Match

SPORTSMANSHIP: It is the responsibility for the high school coach to teach his players and fans the etiquette of the game of tennis. Poor sportsmanship cannot be tolerated in the educational environment. Coaches are teachers first and therefore responsible and accountable for the behavior of their student athletes. Encouraging and promoting good sportsmanship and fair play should be incorporated into the day to day instruction.

COACHING: During the playing of the match in a team competition, a player may receive coaching outside the court area (through the fence) and only when the player changed ends at the end of a game, but not when changes end during a tie-break game. Coaching is permitted, outside the court area, during the 10 minute break between the 2nd and 3rd or when play has been temporarily interrupted. Only those designated by the member school’s principal shall be permitted to coach.

AWARDS: A trophy shall be awarded by the IHSAA to the winning team. Ribbons will be presented to seven members of the winning team