Multiple Teams · Info – Northeastern Track Invite

2016 Northeastern High School

Track and Field Invitational

Friday, April 29, 2016

Teams:             Anderson Prep, Lincoln, Knightstown, Monroe Central, Northeastern, Randolph Southern, Tri, and Union County

Time:               4:30      Coaches’ Meeting (located in concession building)

5:00      Field Events and 3200 Relay

5:30      Preliminaries

Finals (15 minutes after last preliminary)

High Jump:                  Maximum 3 attempts at each height until eliminated from competition (3 misses at same height)

Boys—5’0”        advance 2” to 5’10” and then 1” thereafter

Girls—4’0”         advance 2” to 4’10” and then 1” thereafter


Preliminaries:              Boys and Girls 100 M, Boys 110 and Girls 100 M Hurdles, Boys and Girls 200 M

Top two (2) runners from each heat and next four (4) fastest times will return for finals


Field Events:                Each athlete will be allowed three (3) attempts in the trials.  Top 9 advance to finals where athlete will be allowed three (3) additional attempts.

Scoring:                       10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Other Information:

        • Each school is responsible for providing their own starting blocks, shot puts and discus
        • Do not scuff or use tape on the surface of the track or run-ways
        • Chalk may be used to mark starting points
        • Shot Put and Discus circles are cement and are located between the baseball field and bus garage
        • Shots and discs will be weighed and marked prior to competition
        • Restrooms are located in the Concession/Restroom building located in the northwest corner of the track
        • No spikes on the bleachers or in the restrooms
        • A rules committee of the Clerk, host school Athletic Director, and one coach will rule on all protests
        • No Pole Vault
        • Athletes may use the area behind the north bleachers as their base camp
        • Invitational Officials only will be allowed in the press box area.  All other scorers will be asked to leave the press box area.